What to Do When You Have Concrete Lifting Issues

You see a lot of concrete lifting on sidewalks, floors, garage or pools. Anything that is made out of concrete is subject to lifting issues. The main reason for this is that the foundation may not have been made compact and there are still spaces filled with hard rock. Another reason is that nature is one force we can never control. Factors like floods, poor drainage, leaking pipes and tree roots also contribute to concrete lifting over time. concreter sydney

Even the most expensive method of doing concrete work can experience this problem. There is no foretelling whether a concrete lift will happen because only time can tell if the concrete will lift or not. But there is a remedy to these hazards when it happens. The internet now is full of resources on how to avert such problem but this will take time and effort. The immediate remedy is to replace everything before further damage is made but then this is an expensive solution which a lot of homeowners can’t just do. A concrete lifting is an eyesore and can cause an accident if left unattended especially when this happens to a stairway or garage pavement.

Concrete Levelling

There is a process called concrete levelling that has been use for some time now. However, it has been undermine by concrete services providers for the reason that the technology was not yet good enough and clients were not sure of its success. But in this day and age, concrete levelling is always recommended as the best and long-term solution to concrete lifting situations.

This is a process where a material is “injected” with pressure to the sunken block of concrete thereby raising the concrete again. This method saves time and money. At least 50% of replacement is made quickly. The concrete services provider can also have a material that can blend in with the original colour of the concrete so the aesthetic of the area is maintained. No permits for excavation, replacement or whatever is required by law is needed which is another reason why this method is the favoured one these days.

However, concrete levelling must be done by professionals because it requires precision and where to “inject” should be determined beforehand. The pumping hole is approximately 1.5″ in the slab at strategic places. The material used is usually made of limestone and cement but the latest “filling” used now is the high-density polyurethane material. This “filling” is pumped into the concrete until it is raised back to its proper level. With sealing of the holes, the lifted concrete will now be in place for a long time.


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