Relieving Stress With Candles

When people think of candles they think of uses like if the power goes out I’ll be able to see. The reality is that there are more uses to candles then people realize. Candles have been around in ancient times and have been used for many religious ceremonies and rituals. Some are to meditate and relax and some are for more a visual and spiritual effect since the flame is supposed to represent our inner soul. 홈타이

In our hectic society many are looking for  alternative ways to relax and get back to center. One of the great ways of doing this is the use of scented candles. The combination of just the right aroma and flame soothes the body and mind. This activity also gets rid of stress and calms your mind. When using candles for the purpose of relaxation you’ll want to match he color with the mood. So, if you’d like to just relax or in need of some healing look to a light blue color but if you’re working hard at school and need to focus you’ll want to choose a yellow candle. In the mood for some love a good mix of red or pink will set the mood just right.

Most of us have a set of white candles on hand for all occasions. Don’t settle for just white though there are a ton of different shapes and sizes to mix up the scene with. To add to the white color throw some vanilla scent in there to add to a peaceful soothing environment.

Much meditation session will mix up the therapy sessions with not only candles but scents, colors and music as well. Many will talk about charkas which are the seven energy centers. The aura is supposed to be the field projecting out the body. There are certain mixes of color, candle and aroma therapy which have multiple healing effects on the body. We won’t get into detail about them here but experiment around with the different combinations and research some tips to help you get started. Some therapies will actually use some crystals and stones to assist in the healing process. If all of this is confusing just a simple candle flame and some nice soothing music can be just fine.


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