Learning About Asbestos Surveys Inc Management and Demolition and Refurbishment

For many years asbestos was used for insulation in buildings, schools, shipyards and many other places. It was found to be a fine insulating product and was used extensively for this purpose. Unfortunately, it was not known at the time, that there might be a health problem connected with this substance. Asbestos Surveys Inc. Management and Demolition and Refurbishment work with companies and individuals on this asbestos situation.

As the years progressed, more and more people who had been exposed to asbestos fibres became ill. Research was carried out and the dangers were investigated. Consequently, the use of asbestos for insulation was discontinued and removal of this product from buildings and other places began. Today, this removal is still continuing as buildings are being torn down or re-furbished.

The danger of the asbestos is caused by fibres that are put into the air when the insulation is disturbed. Thus, unknowingly, someone who is replacing some asbestos insulation, for example might release these fibres into the air. For this reason, having experts on the job to do this removal is essential from a health standpoint.

If asbestos remains in place and is not disturbed by maintenance or other types of works it is relatively safe. However, having experts check the premises with an Asbestos Survey will ensure avoiding anyone becoming ill because of some area that is releasing the fibres. This is a good business decision that is a insurance against future problems regarding employees or occupants health problems. asbestos management

When considering the demolition or a refurbishment project of an older building it is important to have a Demolition/Refurbishment Survey. This survey will conduct all tests to ascertain whether there is any danger of causing health problems in the removal of the asbestos. Highly experienced personnel are involved in this survey and are trained in all details regarding this insulating product.

This survey will locate all Asbestos Containing Materials (ACMs) in all areas involved. This does not only apply to occupied buildings but non-domestic ones as well. This is a requirement on all buildings built prior to 2000 where asbestos was used for insulation.

If a building is to be demolished or re-furbished such a survey is essential to have before any work is begun. Tearing down a ceiling or wall in an older building will usually reveal this type of insulation and release the dangerous fibres. No one realised the dangers of this product when it was used for insulation and unfortunately, it has caused many illnesses and fatalities.


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